Lost it the most fan-fricken-tabulous show you will ever watch in history of history.

It leaves you wondering whats going to happen next (which can be kind of aggravating).

If you are deathly afread of flying, I don't recommend this for you.


-The Characters-

Jack Shephard- Matthew Fox

Kate Austen- Evangeline Lilly

James Ford "Sawyer"- Josh Holloway!

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes- Jorge Garcia!

Charlie Pace- Dominic Monaghan

Claire Littleton- Emilie de Ravin

Aaron Littleton "Turnip Head"- Various

John Locke- Terry O'Quinn

Jin-Soo Kwon- Daniel Dae Kim

Sun Kwon- Yunjin Kim

Sayid Jarrah- Naveen Andrews

Desmond David Hume- Henry Ian Cusick

Benjamin Linus- Michael Emerson

Juliet Burke- Elizabeth Mitchell

Rose Henderson Nadler- L. Scott Caldwell

Bernard Nadler- Sam Anderson

Vincent- Madison

Eko- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Michael Dawson- Harold Perrineau Jr.

Walter "Walt" Lloyd- Malcolm David Kelley

Boone Carlyle- Ian Somerhalder

Shannon Rutherford- Maggie Grace

Ana Lucia Cortez- Michelle Rodriguez

Libby- Cynthia Watros

Danielle Rousseau- Mira Furlan

Dr. Leslie Arzt "Arnzt"- Daniel Roebuck
Rose Henderson - L. Scott Caldwell

Alex Rousseau - Tania Raymonde

Charlotte Staples Lewis - Rebecca Mader

Christian Shephard - John Terry

Ethan Rom - William Mapother

Miles Straume - Ken Leung

Tom - M.C. Gainey

You must start watching Lost from the very beginning or else you won't get it at all!!