Lexis And Sydney


About Us

Lexa is 16 years old living with her mom in the Big SC. Her dogs name is T-Dawg and Lexa's mom is named Aunt Shannon. Lexa loves the summer and always counts down the days until we see each other.

Sydd is 13 years old living with her mom and dad in the Big CA. G-Dawg is her dogs name and her parents are BJ and Malcolm. Sydd loves to get tans and swim in the summer.

Lexis and Sydney have many inside jokes that will come up on this website every once in a while.

Ever heard about the TV show called *Lost*?
Here to find out more about it!

Every summer Lexis and Sydney see each other and go on great trips. We've been to Hawaii, Pohnipa, Alaska, Costa Rica, BVI, (British Virgin Islands) Italy, and France.

Sydney has gone to New Zealand with her mom and Mexico with her friend, Olivia.

We all have great memories of our trips (and great pictures). We're thinking about going to Mexico next summer but we still have to think of other good ideas. On Valentines Day, Lexa is coming out to visit Sydd in the Big CA and their going to go to DisneyLand.!

Every summer, Lexa and Sydd find Toastys.

On our trip to Italy and France last summer, we find so many Toastys.! MmmmToasty.! :]]

Over Christmas break, Sydd went to visit Lexa and Aunt Shannon. The entire vacation contained Guitar Hero (Expert Baby.!), Justin Timberlake, PlayDoh, coloring, and jsl. time. Don't ask us what jsl. means cause we aren't going to tell you. Don't even try to guess. Its a waist of time.

We love to post surveys when we're together. We're that amazing.

Whenever we're together, call us, cause we love talking to people.

For Christmas, we got these awesome coloring board thingys. There way amazing.

If it rains, we'll be the first people outside dancing.

Before we go to bed, we have to play Guitar Hero, listen to Justin, play with PlayDoh, color in our coloring books, then color on our coloring boards, have lots of jsl. time, take a survey, dance, watch some TV, then we go to bed.

You might think we're crazy, but thats how we roll. So deal with it.

We love having Valentines. The more the better.! :]]

If you want to email us, our emails are:

Sydd: soccerchick_610@hotmail.com

Lexa: Lexis_16@hotmail.com

Or you can add us on myspace.


But mostly Hugs.